Kaiga Convention T&C

Refunds and Exchanges for bookings/tickets:
Event admission tickets are not refundable - they may be transferred to a new name. Only in the case of covid if the event is postponed and you cannot attend new dates/do not wish to rollover to the next event - a refund is given.
We do not offer refunds for change of mind, or non-attendance. If you cannot make it to the event or do not redeem your ticket, you will not be refunded for it's cost.
For stallholders (artists included) refunds are given up to 3 weeks before the event - even in cases where it is within the 3 weeks, we can refund you as long as we can find a replacement in time that is able to take the slot.
Public Liability:
We do not take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged goods for attendees or traders, it's your duty to ensure that all bags remain with you, and your own risk if you choose to leave your table overnight.

The event itself has insurance however each trader is required to have their own stallholder's public liability insurance and valid during the time of the event.
Anyone that is aggressive, confrontational, or harassing con-goers will be removed from the event with no refunds - including traders. Those with questionable morale (racism, homophobia, etc) are not welcome at our events - you may not sell, display, or wear offensive material - and furthermore if we find you support negative movements you will be banned from all events.

We have 0 tolerance for unacceptable behaviour, we are a safe environment for all LGBTQIAP+ con-goers and traders.
Dress code:
Neat and tidy, do not wear/display offensive material - you will be removed from the event with no refunds.

Unless the event is stated to be 18+ please be sure to wear decent clothing (cover your bits and pieces please) as we are family friendly! If your cosplay for example is very revealing, please choose to wear a casual form of the character instead, or risk being removed from the event with no refunds.
If you are unsure about the decency of your planned attire you may contact us prior to the event!
Please ensure that replica firearms are compliant: 

As a event we are pretty laid back when it comes to props and sizing, we ask instead that as a community we should build good respect and consideration for each other - and not bring props/weapons that are too large or heavy for a crowded environment.

If we feel that your prop/weapon is detrimental to the environment and makes it difficult for other con-goers we will confiscate it until the end of the show (if it's needed for a competition we will return it just for this)

Please do not bring real weapons to use in your cosplay

  • prop weapons/lookalike guns must have red/orange tape to show they are fake (Firearms compliance linked above)
  • props/weapons of any sort should be wielded with considerate intent, be aware of others and your surroundings and keep them close to your person (do not flail or swing, especially in tight spaces)
  • any overly heavy, sharp, or long weapons/props may be required to be cloaked with the exception of competition and parade usage
  • weapons/props must be lightweight, constructed of foam or plastic
  • polearms should be no longer than 6 foot

Cloak Room:

We offer services to hold your goods, cosplay props, bags, coats you name it! while you enjoy other parts of the event - or maybe it just got too heavy! We are not held responsible for any of these items being damaged while in our care - it's still your risk to take as accidents happen! We will do our best though to ensure it is returned to you safely! Please be patient with staff if accidents do happen - as we are all human.

Courtesy and Respect for others:

We maintain the belief that everyone should be treated nicely and spoken to with respect, if you get frustrated at someone or staff, please take the time to have a breath and look at the situation rationally before blowing up at anyone. Often in moments of anger we may act rash but we can't take it back! So for the sake of our event's environment, your place in future events and community, and the vibe for people around you - be nice!

If you are disgruntled please take it up with staff - Especially Faye is happy to settle disagreements and mediate any confrontation.

Toxic Con Behaviour:

Please do not touch others without their consent - it can be very exciting to see your favourite character but it's actually a person in cosplay and you need to consider that they are a human with feelings too and not just an object of your entertainment!

It's not ok to hug strangers without warning, sneak up on them, 'glomp' etc. Please try to read the room, if the conversation seems forced / one sided it's probably a good idea just to say 'see you again!' and resume naturally another time.

Please be aware that a lot of people in our community ARE Neurodivergent and are not so great at picking up your signals - so if you feel like someone is making you uncomfortable it's a good idea to let them know! Most times, someone will improve their behaviour but it's up to you to communicate direct feelings, 'catching a hint' may go way over their head!

Sexual (and other) harassment is absolutely not tolerated - if you are feeling 'creeped out' by anyone or being followed , feel uncomfortable etc, please approach staff immediately!

While it is legal to take public photos of people it is often considered rude within the parameters of a convention, so if you want to take a photo of someone please ask them politely first, and ask them, 'is it ok if I put my arm around you?' don't just grab them! communicate every step, and be sure to grab their social media to tag later!

Yelling (especially slurs), littering, and generally running amuck is not tolerated, we expect you (especially younger members of our community) to be well behaved in a public space.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol is only permitted in the specifically designated areas and cannot be brought from outside - only beverages purchased at the venue are allowed!

No illicit drugs can be brought into and/or consumed within the venue. Persons found doing so will be removed from the event without a refund. Smoking is permitted in the designated smoking areas only. No smoking, or vapour apparatus are permitted to be used within the buildings or within 10 metres of doorways or access points, or in areas signed as no-smoking.

Public intoxication (especially from drugs) is not tolerated and you will be removed from the event without a refund.

Management reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder for behaviour likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance or annoyance or for failure to comply with reasonable requests. This includes high risk behaviour to oneself.
Intoxication, aggressive or anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and will result in ejection from the Venue. Those ejected from the Venue will not be re-admitted to the Event and tickets will not be refunded.


Please leave your beautiful pets at home! We do not allow animals at our events unless they are for service and hold valid permits.


We may ask your permission to take a photo to advertise on our social medias! Other commercial photography is not permitted unless granted permission prior to the event. Any photography by our own hired photographers may be used for promotional purposes / posted to our social medias, if you're an Attendee you accept the fact that you may be included in these photos.
We do not offer compensation or payment if we post our photos of you - however you may repost them to your own account if you like!